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Join the Electric Bike Revolution!

An electric bicycle is a game changer when it comes to cycling. The freedom to travel further and faster allows the average rider to enjoy  the cycling experience more than ever before. Most modern electric bikes utilize a pedal assist system whereby you have to pedal the bike  in order to propel forward. There is a misconception that you won't get exercise when riding an electric bike. Most modern pedal assist bikes from the factory provide 4 levels of pedal assist. You choose the assist you need depending on the terrain and your physical ability. We have a wide variety of electric bikes and  kits available for sale, rental, and demo. Contact us or stop by and  experience the modern advantages of a pedal assist. We have years of knowledge and expertise to help you choose the right electric bicycle or kit for your cycling needs.

How far do electric bikes go?

Electric bikes generally can travel 20-70 miles depending on the model and the mode it is set to.

Are electric bikes cheating?

Not at all! electric bikes still provide great exercise without over exerting the rider and providing a one of a kind experience.

How long does it take electric bikes to charge?

When fully drained, electric bike batteries take only a couple of hours to get back on the road.

How do ebikes work?

Our broad range of electric bikes use pedal assist technology that allows the rider to pedal as they please with added force to each stroke.

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