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Electric Bikes We Carry

$10,299.99 - $10,499.99
$2,949.99 - $3,799.99
$1,999.99 - $2,599.99
$8,999.99 - $9,199.99
$2,999.99 - $3,649.99
$1,999.99 - $2,499.99
$10,299.99 - $10,499.99
$2,999.99 - $3,299.99
$3,849.99 - $4,949.99
commuter riding an e-bike

Why Western Cycle For E-Bikes?

Plain and simple, we know our stuff.

We pride ourselves on having the widest selection of e-bikes in the region with a wealth of knowledge provided by our excellent ride guides to help find you your perfect ride.

Bring on the questions, we have the answers!

woman riding a cruiser style e-bike

Feeling Is Believing

Reinvigorate the feeling of freedom you felt when you got your first bike as a kid and test-ride an e-bike today! Select from our long list of available models or arrange for us to receive any specific model you are interested in.

Bosch electric bike motor

Why Bosch?

The highest quality bikes deserve the very best motors in existence.

With decades of experience, Bosch has created some of the safest and highest quality batteries available to ensure every ride is as fun and safe as the first day you got your new bike.

There is a wide range of both motors and batteries at every power level meaning there is a setup perfect for every rider.

Excellent customer service is the name of the game at Bosch, with the same ringing true here at Western Cycle you can be sure you'll be in good hands for years to come.

Go Further, Faster!

Exclusive Demos Only at Western Cycle

cyclist riding a Trek Domane+


Domane+ is a drop-bar electric road bike that makes longer, faster road rides possible.

Commuter riding a Trek Allant+

Allant+ 8S

Performance Speed motor and extra long-lasting battery are perfect for long-distance commuters and avid e-bike riders.

Trek Rail 7 electric mountain bike

Rail 7

Rail 7 is a long-travel electric mountain bike built for ripping the big stuff. Paired with a powerful new Bosch drive system that's basically like having your own shuttle.

The Boar

The ultimate Electric Fat bike. Perfect for long beach crawls or snowy adventures and everything in between.

workbench with bike tools

Service & Maintenance

Aside from the power assistance e-bikes are mechanically identical to their analog siblings. This means they follow the same tuneup schedule any other bike would! Our mechanics are licensed Bosch technicians meaning your bike couldn't be in better hands. We take extra care when tuning your e-bike to make sure not only the mechanics are working properly but we also have the capacity to perform diagnostic tests and update your firmware. The coolest part about all of that is we will provide you with a detailed status report for the past year regarding how much you have ridden your bike and so many other fun facts! 

front of an electric road bike

How far do electric bikes go?

This changes based on variables such as rider weight, bike model, and assistance mode being used. The top of this range however can reach over 150 miles on a single charge!

Closeup of a Bosch e-Bike drivetrain

How do E-bikes work?

E-bikes today use pedal assist technology opposed to older throttle models. This gives the bike a wonderfully responsive feel and doesn't take the bike riding out of going faster, further.

person holding an e-bike battery

Are they difficult to charge?

Modern Bosch lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from memory effect or self-discharge issues. Your battery will charge to 50% in about 2 hours, depending on the charger and PowerPack.

Electric Bike Testimonials

Ellen riding her Trek e-Bike on a paved trail

Ellen & Bob

We started cycling in our late 60s, and were thrilled with how much fun we were having.

Our typical day trip became 20 miles on trails throughout New England. Although we tried to stay together, Bob’s cruising speed is 16-18 mph, mine is 10-12. I felt I was holding him back.

Two of our friends told us they had switched to an e-bike, so I went to Western Cycle where they offer a test drive. After a few minutes of instruction, I was off. Game changer! I had no idea how smooth the power controls were, and how much control I would have over the speed. Now we can either cycle together with a little push for me from the e-bike, or Bob can go on ahead and I can turbo it to catch up.

Last summer I signed up for a 110-mile weekend ride, knowing I could get as much exercise as I wanted by turning off the e-function, yet have the confidence that if I ran into trouble, I could keep up with the group by turning it on.

I’m thrilled with my purchase, and look forward to many new – and long – adventures!

Alyssa standing over her Electra Townie Go


Regarding my e-bike: I absolutely love it!

My reason for considering one in the first place was to be able to keep up with my boyfriend and his family. They are avid cyclists and tend to go on very long rides.  I have a chronic deteriorating knee condition and have had 3 ankle repairs that make riding a traditional bike uncomfortable. Before my e-bike I was never able to go with them on rides. The bike has been a life saver.  It provides me the exercise I'm looking for with the assistance I need - when I need it.  This was an important feature about the bike that I wanted - pedal assist.  The assist on this bike doesn't work unless I'm peddling and with multiple levels of assist, I can't be lazy!

One thing to note about this bike is that it's considerably heavier than a traditional bike so caution and consideration need to be taken when putting on a bike rack. Removing the battery does help a little bit but it's still considerably heavier than a regular bike.  Another feature I truly appreciate is how quiet this bike is.  I thought the bike would be noisy with the motor but it's virtually silent and aesthetically looks exactly like a traditional cruising bike.  This is nice because electric bikes are still new here and can have a bit of a stigma so it's nice that this bike doesn't stand out.

I would recommend an electric assist bike to anyone who enjoys the freedom of a long bike ride but isn't able to endure on a traditional bike.  They are worth every penny!

Own an E-Bike That You Love?

Know Before You Go

Summary document for current electric-bike laws in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for road and trail use, produced by PeopleForBikes.